The top issues facing the 16th district are: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. We need a representative who will prioritize bringing back industry and federal dollars to create quality, well paying jobs right here in the district. When my kids graduate from school, I want them to have every opportunity here in their backyard -- no one should have to leave home just to make a living.

The 16th District is made up of farmers, small business owners, union members, and those still searching for good, high paying jobs. I have seen industries leave our region over the decades, and in turn I have seen neighbors move to other districts or states. If we want to continue to grow our economy and build stronger communities, we need an effective representative to advocate for working families.

There are no stand alone issues. Whether it is health care, education, child care, infrastructure, immigration, environmental protections or workers’ rights, all these issues directly relate back to jobs and our economy. The strength of our local economies depend on access to college and vocational certification programs, universal health care, the ability of working men and women to unionize, investing in renewable, clean energy and creating welcoming communities for all residents. We need to take the long view on all issues so we are building a safe, stable, prosperous country for everyone.