Climate Change

We have a responsibility as a nation to lead efforts to reduce carbon emissions to try and reverse the effects of climate change immediately. I support the green energy tax credit (my opponent voted to eliminate it) and investments in renewable energy--wind, solar--as well as nuclear energy which produces zero carbon emissions. IL-16 is home to four of six nuclear reactors in Illinois.  There have been many advances made in making nuclear technologies safer and cleaner (producing less waste). After participating in a Citizens' Climate Lobby candidate forum (my opponent declined to attend), I have also become a supporter of the bipartisan Carbon Fee and Dividend plan which would levy a $15 fee per ton of CO2, increasing by $10 every year thereafter, and return the fees collected to American households in the form of a dividend check.  These are some of the initiatives I support and am open to any good ideas regardless of party.  We need a Congress that can see beyond two years at a time and that will work to ensure a clean, safe environment for future generations.