In 2004, I lost my mom because she was uninsured and didn’t have access to the care she needed. There is no reason that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, anyone should ever lose a loved one because they lack access to health care. I will fight for universal health care in D.C., and for healthcare that is not only affordable, but accessible to everyone whether they live in a big city or in a rural town. From medical emergencies to annual checkups, every resident deserves to have access to a doctor without having to travel miles away or waiting for weeks for an appointment.

Adam Kinzinger follows the Trump/Ryan agenda on health care and has voted to repeal the ACA time and again without any replacement plan. I will make protecting and expanding Medicare and Medicaid coverage health care reform one of my top priorities - the ACA was never meant to be the final word on health care but it made a giant step forward in covering 22 million Americans, we must improve our system to ensure that all of our neighbors have access to affordable healthcare.

Too many Americans struggle to pay their monthly premiums, are afraid to take the risk to start a new business, and are stuck in a low paying job because they need their healthcare. Congress needs to take steps right now to stabilize the markets, reduce prescription drug prices and expand coverage. We need to unlink healthcare from employment so workers’ pay raises are not eaten up by increasing premiums and give people the option of starting a small business or going back to school without fear of losing access to health care.