• January 23, 2018

    16th District Democratic Candidates Present Positions In Primary Race

    Rockford native Sara Dady says her role as an immigration attorney gives her particular sensitivity to the political maneuvers related to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Dady strongly criticized the Trump administration for its approach to immigration while recounting a story of how she had to advise a DACA recipient not to attend a woman’s march.
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  • January 16, 2018

    Sara Dady Picks up Endorsements from 9 Illinois Valley Elected Officials

    "I am humbled to receive the support of great community leaders and elected officials from the Illinois Valley who share a vision of strong and prosperous communities for everyone."
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  • January 10, 2018

    Sara Dady Statement on U.S. District Court DACA Decision

    "I am appalled that our Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, claims to have the best interests of the 800,000 DREAMers in mind – not to mention the 1,800 DACAs in our own district – yet he refuses to co-sponsor the DREAM Act."
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  • January 04, 2018

    Sara Dady Endorsed by Mayor of Rockford, 13 Local Elected Officials

    “Today I am honored and humbled to have the support of so many amazing Democrats, many elected in deep red counties.”
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  • December 24, 2017

    Democrats Leave Few Seats Unchallenged in Quest for House Control

    “I started seeing changes to U.S. policy that concern me,” said Sara Dady, one of the candidates. “I’ve been practicing immigration law under three administrations. I have a client who has a green card. He did everything right. He was denied boarding. To me that is not the America I know and love.”
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  • December 21, 2017

    Sara Dady on GOP Budget Bill

    “Earlier this month Adam made a big show of helping the over 3,000 undocumented youth in district, but he failed to push for the DREAM Act – or any true protections for DACA recipients – in this budget bill. We need a change in leadership. Its time to elect representatives who care about the people of this district and will fight for everyone, no matter their background.”
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  • December 19, 2017

    Dady supports universal health care

    Dady cited the value of government support for public education, collective bargaining, and expanded health care access. “I know Medicare works, but it didn’t work for my mother, because she was 62, not 65, when she needed an MRI. That’s why I believe in universal health care,” she said.
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  • December 14, 2017

    Sara Dady Joined Voters in Streator to Protest GOP Tax Bill

    Sara Dady and voters from across the Illinois Valley stood outside the Majestic Theatre Wednesday morning to bring attention to the impact the negative  GOP Tax Reform bill will have on the 16th district. 
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  • December 13, 2017

    Dady: 'Barrier' between Kinzinger, district

    "I think a representative should have consistent contact with constituents," said Dady, who practices law in Rockford. "How can he represent us if he doesn't know us? Based on his voting record, he doesn't know us and doesn't care. There is a barrier in communication between our representative and constituents. That's on him."
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  • December 11, 2017

    Dady endorsed by ex-rival

    "I believe that with candidates like Sara, we can flip the House in 2018," Arroyave said.
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