By Roger V. Asplund Dixon

I was surprised and disappointed that the July 30 candidate forum at the Post House in Dixon received no coverage in the following morning’s newspaper.  

The event was sponsored by Action for a Better Tomorrow – Sauk Valley. Sara Dady answered many questions relating to immigration, the economy, the environment, Medicare and Social Security, constitutional protections, civil rights, and Homeland Security.  

Unfortunately, Adam Kinzinger was a “no-show,” though he had been invited and contacted, more than once, by the sponsoring organization. Apparently, that seems to be his style during this campaign when the future direction of this country is at stake.

It’s been a long time since this congressional district has had a viable, strong Democratic candidate. Apparently the incumbent believes Sara Dady to be another pushover. I believe otherwise.  

To voters of the 16th Congressional District: Keep this in mind when you go the polls on Nov. 6.

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